Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Hall of Awkward.

We have the most awkward hallway, it is some sort of lopsided triangular shape. it has no closet or storage area, which you might hope to have in a hallway and the lighting isn't exactly the greatest either. The lighting isn't too bad in the day time when light from the dining room window spills over into the hall, but the only light provided at night comes from one single wall sconce, but the wall paper and paint treatment on the doors and molding, suck up the light like a big ugly black hole.

This is the view from the bathroom. You can feel free to ignore our crazytown dining/livingroom on the right.
Take a gander at that long angular corner that our bathroom door is tucked in. And there it is people, the sconce of all sconces. Actually it's really not all that bad, the sconce is set on a dimmer so it has four settings. 
Check out that paint treatment! Classy? No! I don't think I've seen anything worse than fake wood grain painted in brown high gloss paint. Clearly I had my work cut out for me. Peeling down that fabulous green marbled wallpaper was first on my list. The wallpaper was so old that it basically disintegrated before my eyes, which actually moved the process along quite well. Due to some wall structure issues I did have to patch up a few things in the wall but that too moved along quite well. Next on my list was priming and painting. I decided I wanted to go with Frozen Vanilla from Better Homes and Gardens for the walls and white for the trim and doors. 
I knew that I wanted to bring gold accents out into the hallway since it's used heavily used in our bathroom, and the gold wall sconce would tie in pretty well. I love navy, coral and gold together and the subdued wall color allowed me to use such a bold color combo in the hall.

Like I mentioned before we have no hall closet or linen closet, so we were in need of a little somethin' somethin' to store extra towels, toilet paper and etc. I found that delightful campaign dresser at goodwill and painted it up all snazzy in Rich Navy by Glidden  to bring some brilliant color into the space, topped off with a cream and gold tray, a gold picture frame and pink roses.

Go ahead and take a good long look at that gold wall sconce accompanied by all those great dollar tree picture frames I spray painted gold. I filled them with black and white photos and fun blue, coral and cream prints. I eventually intend to fill the entire wall with prints, black and white photos and mirrors, so I'll be scouring yard sales and thrift shops to find great mis-matched frames to decorate our wall.
Across the hall, from the collage wall, I spray painted two mirrors I had on hand and made a print for the long frame that takes up just enough wall space to give the hall life without being over crowded. Soon I hope to get some pictures in of the bathroom, I just need to add a few finishing touches first ;)