Sunday, March 31, 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013

I Got My Mind On My Bunny, My Bunny On My Mind.....

G-Man is obviously pretty chill with the Bun-Bun up there. We had a FABULOUS time at the Eisenhower center for the Easter Egg Roll. Enjoy the pictures!

We Go To Wichita.

We have had a busy Easter weekend and it is only Saturday. We kicked off the weekend by spending the afternoon and evening in Wichita for Winter Jam, a concert featuring 10 bands. We brought the boy along and he had a blast listening to the music and dancing.

This boy was SOOOO excited.

Our seats were actually better than the pictures let on, above 35mm cameras were not allowed in to the concert however they let me be an exception as long as I used the zoom under 35mm.

We had a really fun night, Baby Boy crashed out before Toby Mac performed, so in my opinion he missed the best performance but we'll be sure to tell him about it when he is older ;) 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Aunt Ally Comes To Town.

I am so behind on updating our blog with what we've been up to. So here we go...

Aunt ally came to visit us the second week of March, which was wonderful! Of course she spoiled our sweet boy AND spoiled us by watching the boy so we could go on a few Mommy and Daddy dates by ourselves. Which consisted going to an arcade, playing lazer tag, boxing, ski-balland yours truly laying a beat-down on my husband in Mortal Comba. ALL HAIL THE WARRIOR PRINCESS! . You know,  all your normal run-of-the-mill date activities.

Ally also brought along our friend Ev, who was a huge help. The kid actually likes doing dishes....

But really, G was loving it! He is in that stage when all other kids are so incredibly fabulous to him! He loved looking and talking to Evan. 

I wish I had gotten some pictures with my camera but I got sick halfway through the week and I was definitely not up to much beyond sleeping.

I was so thankful Ally was around when I was sick, it was so great to have someone to love on Grayson and cuddle him when I couldn't.


We love our Ally and our Ev and we are so happy that they got to come spend time with us but we miss them so so much!

Monday, March 25, 2013

February As Told By IG.

If you're not up on my lingo IG is what I affectionately refer to Instagram as. February was a bit of a long dragged-out, funky, off-schedule rut of a month.
Hubby was out of town for the whole time for some very "special" Army training. So our month was a little off. The Boy and I did a lot of cuddling. I started/completed/got to the middle of a TON of projects. I watch a LOT of Nicholas Sparks movies and we visited Arkansas. We had a blast with G's Aunt Juliana, Uncle Andy, Great Grammie and Grandaddy- they spoiled us!!! I got to help with some projects around Juliana's house, which was so fun!
Anyway, the point of this post was to not do a lot of rambling and just post my IG photo's so without further ado, I will shut it....

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Roses

We Are Putting A Down Payment On A Room At The ER.

We made three trips to the ER last week.
That's right people 3!
In a span of five days we clocked at least 8 hours in the emergency room.
Last Sunday evening our little baby carrot started wheezing just a tad but it only got progressively worse as the hour wore on so we took him in.

G received a nebulizer treatment and immediately started breathing normally again.

Obviously, wheezing did not keep his spirits down... He was much too busy jumping on the bed.
Wednesday evening I was sick with a flu-like non-flu mystery sickness which took us back to the ER and I'm still not fully recovered from that. Be thankful there are no pictures of that trip, I looked like walking death.

Thursday evening took us on another round in the ER with more wheezing.
Same treatment except this time we got to take a nebulizer home with us!
My best guess is that poor Mr. Pip was the cause of baby boy's little allergy, so he once again takes up residence outside(YAY!!!!). I vacuumed EVERYTHING when we got home to rid any evidence of Pip's existence inside the house, but even if "Cat" was not the cause I guess that is one variable off the list.