Thursday, August 9, 2012

Diaper clutch DIY.

Mommy tip #1 that no one told me: You don't always need everything that is in your diaper bag. DUH!
Well, I guess that one was really a no-brainer I didn't pick up on until just recently. But now that I've got the memo I've also got a trendy little diaper clutch. And you can have one too!
My DIY Diaper Clutch PATTERN.
Print out and cut out the pattern.
*Disclaimer* When I scanned in the pattern the solid line on which you cut the pattern out wouldn't show up in most places. You can measure a 1/2 inch outside of the dotted sewing lines and that's where you should cut.
Tape #1&#2 together but dont let the peices overlap.
Trace onto the wrong side of your fabric and cut out. Repeat.
This will be the linning and the outer facing fabric.
Trace #3/4 onto the wrong side of you fabric and cut out. Repeat for piece #4.
These will be the two pocket pieces.
Now take the two pocket pieces and fold over one long side half an inch and sew to make a nice finished edge on each one.
Depending on what your color scheme is you can kind of mix it up with your thread and make it fun. I went with black and white with orange neon ribbon so I chose orange neon thread to accent.
Decide which piece from step 2 you will use for the outer facing. Cut a long length of the ribbon that can be sewn down the center of the fabric and has enough length on both ends to tie a bow. Pin the ribbon on the right side (the side that will be facing out) of the fabric and sew both edges of the ribbon onto the fabric.
This part can be tricky so pay attention!
Place the outer facing fabric with the ribbon attached face up on your work surface. 
Pull the extra ribbon meant for bow tying towards the middle of the fabric and pin in place but make sure the fabric is still stretched out flat and you haven't scruntched it up.
Now, place both the pocket pieces wrong side up onto the fabric with the hemmed edges facing the middle (the non hemmed edges should match up with the edges of the larger fabric, AKA the hemmed edges shouldn't touch)
Lastly lay down linning fabric wrong side up.
This makes a fabric sandwhich...
Outer Fabric: Right side/ribbon side up
Pocket Fabric: Wrong side up
Linning Fabric: Wrong side up
Pin all the edges together.
Sew around the edges like you would if you were sewing a pillow and leave about four inches so that you can turn the clutch right side out.
Turn the clutch right side out and close up the hole left in the edges.
Your clutch is ready to use!


  1. Random question: do you like using Huggies wipes? Every time I've used them they stick together or rip apart. Thus I've been spending a bit more to buy pampers sensitive.

  2. I do. The kind in the travel pack work for me but I have one of the plastic containers and they stick together. I don't think they are perforated enough.