Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby couture.

First of all............ Look at how ADORABLE my baby is!!!!!!
Had enough? of course not, feel free to keep looking.
OKAY, moving on.
Lately I've been feeling like I could be some kind of super cool baby fashion designer. After making all kinds of cute little onesies for Baby Carrot I decided to try something a little harder.
I found a sweet and FREE pattern online for a baby snuggler or swaddler or sleep sack or as my husband called it a sleeping bag. Whatever it is you might call it, it's pretty much the best thing ever.
Baby Carrot loves being wrapped up to sleep so it's super helpful at keeping him wrapped during the night or naptime.
I'm providing you with the PATTERN and then my own two cents. It really is easier than it looks, I was a little nervous at first. Not that I'm a terrible seamstress or anything it's just that sometimes  my projects don't turn out if it isn't like curtains or a pillow. But miraculously this one turned out FABULOUS, even though I went rogue.
HINTS, TIPS & SHORTCUTS....I mean, advice.
So here's the dirty on this pattern, print it out and follow the directions.....just kidding, but really directions are important.
I didn't follow the directions per se.
My boy is LONG! If there was any hope of this snuggler to fit him for more than a week I was going to need to improvise and create a pattern to fit him. If you too have this same Long-baby issue print the pattern, cut it out and trace it onto tissue paper and elongate or expand the areas necessary. OR you can always trace your baby (what I did). Just make sure there is enough room on all sides for sewing and it won't be super tight on your sweetie pie.
"The pattern uses velcro, why did you use ribbon Holly?"
I'm glad you asked, because I'm out of velcro and I'm too impatient to wait until I get more, but that's only HALF the truth. I found that ribbon is a little more adjustable. I can basically tie Carrot in however tight or loose he wants. Also my kid is kind of handsie and sometimes he is just plain angry if he can't touch his face, so I can criss-cross the "wings" of the snuggler under his arms/across his chest and he's much happier. If you want to use the ribbon method as well, cut the ribbon to the desired length, find the middle, pin the middle of the ribbon on the middle of the back between the wings. continue to pin the ribbon down both wings. Sew both edges of the ribbon up one wing across the back and down the other wing. Also don't forget to finish the ends of the ribbon or it might unravel. 
That's it, like I said it's pretty simple but if you want help or have questions feel free to ask. I can try to help :)


  1. Does that come in big people sizes???ha!

  2. You're great! I mean if you really want