Thursday, August 30, 2012

Whoop-De-Do Guess Who's Two.......

Two months that is.....
And if you guessed this guy.....

You'd be right.
I can't believe Grayson is two months old!
I'm so excited for all the fun things that he is doing and learning now but GEEZE he's growing up TOO fast, G way to rip your Mama's heart out!!!
I want to keep him my tiny baby forever but even as he grows I am more and more excited about him.
Lately he's been super interactive and that's really fun for Alex and I.
Alex will sing the "wipe out" song and move G's legs like he's dancing and Grayson thinks it's the greatest thing in the world. He also loves the Na-na-na Batman song.
Something Carrot does A LOT is talk back.
When Ally and Emily were visiting Ally caught Grayson telling a story to Alex on her phone and it is really cute....

Just in the past couple of days Carrot has started to SQUEAL REALLY LOUD at his toys on his play gym.
It's really cool to hear his sweet little voice as he starts to be more vocal.
As you can tell we LOVE this little boy so much and we are excited to watch him grow!

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