Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Year in Review.

Just recently was mine and Alex's first Anniversary. WHOO! WHOO!
July 30th to be exact. I love anniversaries and special dates that we keep track of because they remind us of a special event, but also because they remind us of how we got there.
When Alex asked what I wanted to do for our anniversary, I just said "Surprise me". And that's what I wanted. I know it's often a joke that women say, surprise me or I don't care and really they want something specific and really is that the way to get what you want? No. But the Man delivered and I was surprised!
I was left a sweet little note in the morning telling me that he was taking me out to a fancy dinner and to dress up nice in a dress (he knows I love things like this).
When my sweetie came home from work he drove us to Harry's Uptown (I had no idea at the time) which is a very snazzy restaurant in Manhattan. When we got there some beautiful orchids were sitting on our table.
I love orchids, they are my favorite flower ever but I honestly thought that they were the table centerpiece(it was that kind of restaurant y'all. I mean, we weren't at outback steakhouse). So I said something really casually in passing like "Oh orchids, so pretty..." and then my husband was like "You like them?! Good, because they are yours."
I was super shocked I mean how on earth did he get them here without me noticing? Had he actually set this up before hand? I'd seen these things happen before but not in real life and not to me! I was really impressed....and maybe it doesn't take a lot to impress me but I thought that was the sweetest, best anniversary ever and I can't wait for all the others!

And that's not all....
While we are on the subject of our anniversary I wanted to take a little bit to share our wedding photos(some of them).
like I mentioned before I like anniversaries because they serve as a reminder of how we got to where we are now.
Our anniversary reminds me of all hours, miles and speeding tickets clocked by Alex driving to see me every weekend. We dated for a year and two months before we got married and a year and one month of that time we were at least three hours apart. Alex drove every weekend to see me, sometimes just for a few hours and I can't even begin to express how grateful I am for that! 
Our anniversary reminds me of all the hours I spent making every little detail for our wedding, planning it out and tracking costs.
I started working hard as soon as we were engaged. My time when I wasn't at work (and even some time at work) was spent rolling silverware into napkins, ordering table cloths, pouring seeds into tiny seed packets for favors, and making all the other details for our special day.
I'm not saying it wasn't fun, I had a Fabulous time planning my own wedding and providing the slave labor. WHO NEEDS A WEDDING PLANNER?!
But, it was hard work and I'm so glad my husband spent the time, gas and money to see me and I'm so glad I worked as hard as I did because in my eyes our special day was absolutely perfect and I wouldn't change a thing.







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