Thursday, August 23, 2012

I-O-WA and a Visit From Aunt Ally and Miss Em.

We have had a BUSY week/weekend! 
This past weekend we ventured out to Iowa for a long-time friend's wedding and we got to see some family along the way.

Carrot is a great traveler. 
Hubby had a four day weekend so we couldn't have had better timing for our trip. Friday morning we left for Clarion IA, and we stayed with Alex's Great Aunt and Uncle at their lake cottage and boy did we have a good time. Their cottage was absolutely adorable!

I had not yet met this little branch of the family and it was so wonderful to meet them and let them spoil our sweet boy.
The weather was absolutely wonderful, low 50's!!!
Here I am posing with my wrap that my friend Jess made me. It's super cute! A lady at Aldi had told me a few days before that I needed my husband to take a picture of me wearing it because she thought it was adorable. So, this one is for you Aldi-lady!

Saturday afternoon we drove to Des Moines to meet more family and attend Mallory and Nick's adorable wedding!

 Mallory & Nick's wedding gift. I made them a sign featuring their initials, last name and wedding date.

Updated version of every picture we took in high school :)


Annnnnd of course after the wedding we had to hit the town and see Des Moines and all it has to offer at 10:30pm. It really is a beautiful city.It was so great for Hubby to finally meet another member of the posse that I have so many stories with!
Ally and Emily followed us back to Kansas on Sunday morning and it has been so wonderful just to have them around. When we get back together it's like we never missed a beat. I love these girls.

We got to go out and get chinese which was such a treat for me since it's about 30 miles to the nearest chinese food joint around here.
Note: Ally's ridiculously FALSE fortune.


Ally and Emily not only spoiled my sweet Grayson with gifts and attention but also spoiled me SEVERELY. I did not do the dishes the whole time they were here and they helped me clean the whole house yesterday! They also now have me ADDICTED to Friday Night Lights. 
I love these girls!
I'll be very very sad to see them leave but I know that we will see them again soon, ONLY 4 months until Christmas! WHOO!

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