Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Family Visit and the Demolition Derby.

We were so excited to have Alex's family visiting us this past week/weekend!
Baby Carrot was so spoiled by all his Uncles and his Grammie and Grandad.
We like that our life gets to be an adventure with the Army but being so far too far away really is the pits. 
I guess that makes the time we are all together that much sweeter though...

The rodeo, 4H fair and carnival were all in town this weekend so we had lots to entertain our guests and Alex's parents helped us with some yard work we've been a little behind on...*embarrassing*. 
While Carrot was getting spoiled, Alex and I got to have a grown up date at the carnival which was a blast, we all know I'm a sucker for rides that look like they can kill ya!

My first time at a demolition derby was Sunday night. Alex's Dad, Will and Luke left Sunday morning but his Mom and Johnny stayed until Sunday night so they came to the Derby with us. Baby Carrot showed off his cuteness to everyone at the derby.

We were really glad to have family visitors, they will be missed :(

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