Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wilson Lake.

Hubby had Monday off of work so we decided to drive out to Wilson Lake
We heard it is one of the prettiest places around and in Kansas pretty things are few and far between so we made the hour journey to see the lake.
We found a blog talking about some bike trails and it had some pretty stellar pictures of an inlet. 

We followed the bike trail (on foot) to what we thought was going to be the inlet only to end up walking two miles and get STUCK in some nasty sinking mud. Let me rephrase that, I got stuck in nasty sinking mud.

The bike trail was really neat, it kind of reminded me of a desert or Mt. Haleakala (we biked it on our honeymoon). The sinking mud... Not so much. I got stuck while having a mini-FREAK OUT. Everything was sucking my feet down and there were spiders everywhere, it smelled like poop and all the fallen reeds looked like snakes, I couldn't handle it. Thankfully Hubby came and helped me out.

On our way out of the state park we realized that we drove right past the inlet and thinking back I remember thinking "hmmm that's a neat little inlet..."

We stopped and hung out for a while. Hubby even caught a fish on the FIRST cast. 

Now that we know where the good spots are we will totally go back for a visit. We are even planning to go back and ride the bike trails when we get bikes. We'll avoid the mud next time ;)

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