Thursday, March 21, 2013

We Are Putting A Down Payment On A Room At The ER.

We made three trips to the ER last week.
That's right people 3!
In a span of five days we clocked at least 8 hours in the emergency room.
Last Sunday evening our little baby carrot started wheezing just a tad but it only got progressively worse as the hour wore on so we took him in.

G received a nebulizer treatment and immediately started breathing normally again.

Obviously, wheezing did not keep his spirits down... He was much too busy jumping on the bed.
Wednesday evening I was sick with a flu-like non-flu mystery sickness which took us back to the ER and I'm still not fully recovered from that. Be thankful there are no pictures of that trip, I looked like walking death.

Thursday evening took us on another round in the ER with more wheezing.
Same treatment except this time we got to take a nebulizer home with us!
My best guess is that poor Mr. Pip was the cause of baby boy's little allergy, so he once again takes up residence outside(YAY!!!!). I vacuumed EVERYTHING when we got home to rid any evidence of Pip's existence inside the house, but even if "Cat" was not the cause I guess that is one variable off the list.

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