Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Aunt Ally Comes To Town.

I am so behind on updating our blog with what we've been up to. So here we go...

Aunt ally came to visit us the second week of March, which was wonderful! Of course she spoiled our sweet boy AND spoiled us by watching the boy so we could go on a few Mommy and Daddy dates by ourselves. Which consisted going to an arcade, playing lazer tag, boxing, ski-balland yours truly laying a beat-down on my husband in Mortal Comba. ALL HAIL THE WARRIOR PRINCESS! . You know,  all your normal run-of-the-mill date activities.

Ally also brought along our friend Ev, who was a huge help. The kid actually likes doing dishes....

But really, G was loving it! He is in that stage when all other kids are so incredibly fabulous to him! He loved looking and talking to Evan. 

I wish I had gotten some pictures with my camera but I got sick halfway through the week and I was definitely not up to much beyond sleeping.

I was so thankful Ally was around when I was sick, it was so great to have someone to love on Grayson and cuddle him when I couldn't.


We love our Ally and our Ev and we are so happy that they got to come spend time with us but we miss them so so much!

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