Monday, March 25, 2013

February As Told By IG.

If you're not up on my lingo IG is what I affectionately refer to Instagram as. February was a bit of a long dragged-out, funky, off-schedule rut of a month.
Hubby was out of town for the whole time for some very "special" Army training. So our month was a little off. The Boy and I did a lot of cuddling. I started/completed/got to the middle of a TON of projects. I watch a LOT of Nicholas Sparks movies and we visited Arkansas. We had a blast with G's Aunt Juliana, Uncle Andy, Great Grammie and Grandaddy- they spoiled us!!! I got to help with some projects around Juliana's house, which was so fun!
Anyway, the point of this post was to not do a lot of rambling and just post my IG photo's so without further ado, I will shut it....

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