Friday, June 22, 2012

Chalk-It-Up to Practicality.

We love chalkboard stuff around here. In-fact we have a whole chalkboard wall (more on that later).
It's not just a typical chalkboard that tickles my fancy but rather the use of chalkboards as labels. 
I love them so much, I even used them at my wedding!
So why do I love chalkboard labeling so much(and why should you)?
A. It's practical.
The great thing about chalkboard labeling is that you can change your mind about anything you labeled or how you labeled it. You can change the color, the font/writing, you can even decide you want something totally different in that container all together.
B. It's cute.
Let's be honest it's just way more aesthetically pleasing than a piece of tape with pen scrawled across it.
You can pretty much paint a chalkboard square on any container and create a nice area to label your container, however if your surface is shiny and plastic it most-likely will not stick and even if it does stick to your surface you must tape off the area to get a nice even area to write on.
I found myself in this predicament today when I went to label the cat and dog's food containers. I came across a great solution... Chalkboard stickers!
All you need is the sticker labels in any shape or size you desire.
Chalkboard paint (or you can make your own, recipe at the bottom)
Step One.
Paint labels and let dry.
Step Two.
Peel off and stick on.
Step Three.
Enjoy your labels!

Homemade chalkboard paint.
I've made this paint two different ways and both work equally as well.
Method One.
Black (or what ever color you desire) acrylic paint
Plaster wall patch, dry mix. This should be a powder, if it's a paste you've got the wrong stuff.
Mix your desired amount of paint with about a third as much of the wall patch mix. If you want a paint with a little more grit you can add more of the dry mix.
Method Two.
Is exactly the same as the first method but you use baking soda instead of the dry mix. You can really customize this recipe as much as you want, it's very hard to add too much baking soda or dry mix to the paint.

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