Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Few Little Things, in Mullet Form.

Hi Friends, 
I have a few things to share with you this evening and just like a mullet we are going to go business in the front and party in the back....
 If you've been reading here for a little while you might have noticed that our name or "title" has changed from "Sow Seeds of Love" to "Love The Tompkins".
This just kind of happened. When I started our blog I thought it would be cute to call it "Sow Seeds of Love" because that was the "theme" of our wedding. But the URL was already in use so I named our URL "Love the Tompkins"- this has caused a little confusion over the past 2 years of blogging so I decided it was time to streamline. I shed a little tear and now that I've officially changed it, I'm happy. 
Well, since that's out of the way it's time for the Par-Tay...
First, I was featured this week over at....
Go check it out!


I have a few free little printables for you all tonight.

The first is just a little laundry room art that I whipped up.

Feel free to print it here.

So, now that the holidays are here and company is coming I know how difficult it can be to keep everything in the house tidy and put away. I'm on the the Christmas home tour in our town this year and I'm a little stressed about making sure that everything stays clean through the three days of the tour without having to have a major cleaning overhaul and then not be able to live in my house for three days! I pinned this great daily cleaning schedule and just recently printed it out to keep myself on track. 

Get yours here.

And last, but not least the holidays means traveling. Whether you are having a babysitter come over for a few hours, having a pet sitter or asking a neighbor to keep an eye on your home Vivint knows whats up and exactly what you need.

Print yours right here

I hope this was fun and informative ;)

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