Saturday, March 1, 2014

Moving On Up

I have a big blog bomb to drop and I've been putting it off until I was "ready".
I've moved "Love The Tompkins" to it's own website.
This might not seem like such a huge to deal to everyone else but it's been such a huge undertaking these past few weeks. it entails so much and has been so confusing at times, buying a domain, buying hosting, figuring our my layout and navigation, and then there is the transferring of material.
I started with the home tours and the most popular posts but to be honest I haven't even made a dent in it.
I'm really excited to have my own domain that will be so much easier for readers to find my blog and navigate it, however I'm sad that our time here on the blogspot is coming to an end.
I do want to say that I am truly truly grateful for all of the readers, comments, followers and pins that have helped my blog grow. You all have been so encouraging and I hope so much that you will come over to and follow us there!

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