Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Color Theory.

I love ironic color schemes! What I mean by this is colors that you wouldn't normally put together, colors that aren't traditionally grouped together and labeled as "matching", but when you pair them they perfectly compliment each other's uniqueness. I see this a lot in J. Crew catalogs and it inspires me. One of my favorite ironic color combos is aqua and orange, so I was completely thrilled when we moved into our new house and our laundry room was painted a very pale aqua.

I repainted all the white trim and the door to freshen up the room and put down a tan grass rug that we had and a shoe rack just inside the door. In our neighborhood all the parking is behind the houses so we always use this back door, this made our rug and shoe rack a necessity. I made curtains from black and white chevron fabric. I searched for curtains like these on the internet but found the fabric here and it was much more economical to make the curtains myself than to buy the curtains pre-made.                                                                                   

The white shelves were up when we moved in and the black fabric baskets we previously owned that hold all our cleaning and laundry supplies and we added a jar to store laundry detergent in. I used remaining fabric from the curtains to cover our ironing board. 

I hung up black hooks in different locations around the room to hang up brooms/steam mops/Chewie's leash etc. The orange laundry basket is a find from our local hardware store, I love the way it looks against the aqua wall. The window is a window into our pantry which is really great for letting natural light into our pantry. I want to find other ways to incorporate orange into the laundry room. Do you use any ironic color schemes in your home? What are your favorite nontraditional color schemes?

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