Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Longest DIY Project Ever, and Why It Was Worth It.

Hello Dearies,
These past few weeks have really been flying by, especially the past three days. There is a good chance that time seems to go faster for me when I'm up to my neck in projects. Which is why there has been less blogging as of late.
More DIY= Less BLOG
But I'll let you have a little peek at what I've been up to...

I'm sure you guys have seen all the wonderful striped curtains on Pinterest and the painting tutorials that go along with them. So, of course to go along with my living room re-do (which I will share later) I had to paint me some striped curtains. 
I'm not a fan of how expensive curtains are. The ones I had before were from Ikea and they were about $10 a piece which is cheap for curtains and they were GREAT curtains, but alas I live no-where near IKEA so I did not have the option to retrieve white curtains there. 
Also I can never find curtains long enough, but I did find table cloths. two of them.
Two extremely large white table cloths on sale at TAR-JAY for about $9 each which is a steal. 

So I bought them, taped them up and painted on my desired color. And then cut them in half lengthwise and sewed the raw edge. 
I won't take you through the entire process. Here is a great tutorial .

But here are/were my thoughts, concerns and lessons learned...
I was scared, no TERRIFIED that my edges would bleed. This I was most nervous about but amazingly enough They didn't and the stripes look super crisp :)
It also probably helped that I made sure that I painted from the tape towards the middle. 

So, here was a little shocker for me, after I hung the curtains up I realized that the paint didn't take in some small places and there were a million tiny pin holes in the paint letting light through the stripe so it looked blotchy and ugly in those places. I was SUPER careful and painted those spots again while the curtains were hanging up and they look normal now.

Lastly I love the way my curtains turned out and I would recommend the project to anyone who has the time. This was extremely time consuming. So much so that I haven't even started on the second set of curtains because I haven't had that much time to commit to one project in the past few days. It honestly took 2 full days to complete one set of curtain panels.
All that being said I'm extremely pleased with how my curtains turned out and I hope to get a start on my other set soon-ish.
As a parting gift here is a little DIY inspiration for you....

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