Friday, April 5, 2013

Dinner for Two Weeks.

This is the blog project that I've worked the hardest on so far and I'm also extremely proud of it, so let's get to it...
I think the most common phrase I hear from moms and wives is "I don't know what to make for dinner..." I too am guilty of making these claims. I've come to the conclusion that this lack of planning and last minute throw together meals lead to unhealthy food choices and boring dinners. 
I like a lot of other moms have browsed Pinterest for meal planners claiming to be healthy meals only to follow a link trail to a list of freezer-meal soup for two weeks- NO THANK YOU!
So here's my solution, I've created a two week meal plan complete with meal list, shopping list and recipes. All the recipes included I've tried myself. A few of them I've created but they all include little notes and helps that I wanted to add in for your convenience. 
The entire project is available Here!
A few notes...
1. I've formatted the project so you can print and add to a binder or folder for easy access.
2.In the shopping list I left out the quantities of items you will need to buy so that you can add the quantities yourself to suit your family.
3. All of these recipes are enough for 2-4 people, some with leftovers, some without. You will need to double or triple if you have a larger group(obviously).

I plan on putting at least two of these meal plans out every month, I look forward to sharing these with everyone!

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