Sunday, June 30, 2013

Little Boy Turns One Year Young.

Happy, Happy Birthday,
To Our Sweet Baby Boy!!

Today our darling little boy turns one whole year old! 
Yesterday we hosted his very first Lorax themed birthday party for our friends and family and had such a wonderful time.

Grammy and GIGI came to visit, which is always a special time.

I've been working the past few months preparing for my Boy's party! I knew we'd be moving in just as we hosted his party ( I might be the only one in the world crazy enough to do that) so I prepared early.

G totally devoured his cupcake in just about one bite! Probably to make himself feel better after he cried during the birthday song, he's an emotional eater ;)

I think Alex and I had more fun playing with the rolling train table we made for Grayson, it was a lovely way to wind down after a full evening of partying.

We were totally and completely EXHAUSTED after last night but we could not ever ask for a more perfect little boy, or the friends and family that shared his special day with us!

I'm totally in shock that our little tiny is already one! It's been a great year and has flown by.....needless to say TWO can stay away for as long as possible :)

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