Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bathroom Reno {Part 1}.

Remember this lovely and outdated bathroom that I introduced everyone to here?
Well, it's back!!!! But not for long...

When I made the "priorities" list of house renovations this bathroom was numero uno! 
I just couldn't take the super creepy cement prison-like shower; because let's face it, a prison shower is pretty creepy.

Destroying this shower was a little more of an undertaking that I had originally assumed but I can say that I am super happy that I just took the plunge and did it and I'm so relieved that the demo phase is over. I like tearing things apart as much as the next girl but this shower was it's own special breed of horrible. What you are looking at in the above picture is all the layers that I had to bust through to take the shower down. 
outer layer- cement
2nd layer-metal mesh
3rd layer-more cement
4th layer-old crumbly drywall
last layer- super old insulation
Just a side note about the insulation, This stuff was GROSS. it was so old and sticky. It was the exact consistency that cotton candy gets when it melts. if anything touched it, it would just kind of melt down into a clump, so obviously that had to go too.

I scraped off ceiling tiles, busted up concrete and my arms were so angry at me at the end of every night. It took me roughly a week of working only after Grayson went to sleep for the night to get the shower completely dismantled and all the debris hauled out to the truck. 

Clean up was by far the WORST!!! Hauling broken up cement is hard, it's heavy, dusty and trash bags have a hard time holding it in. But LOOK, YAY! No more prison shower!!!

Since I was on a serious roll today after I cleaned up the remaining debris I pulled up the UGLY faux pebble linoleum {reference the first photo}. The plastic linoleum came up fairly easily, however the paper backing and massive amounts of glue stayed really stuck to the floor. I contemplated the best ways to get up the glue. For a hot second I considered sanding it, but that is really dusty and annoying besides the fact that we live in quite an old house and since I'm not too certain when that linoleum was glued down I didn't want to take any chances with the mysterious and dangerous chemicals that might be present. I gave some hot water, soap and a sponge a try.

I scrubbed it on and waited....

And waited...

And to my surprise, the glue came up SO easily and found hardwood underneath! And since there was wonderful hardwood underneath, which we will be keeping I get to take our floor tiles back to Lowes and save myself about $300, not counting grout and additives. 
Hows that for a demolition!

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