Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kitchen Quick Change

I'm still plugging away at our master bathroom but sometimes when I find a stopping point I throw in a few projects from here and there around the house.
Last week I decided to orchestrate the painting of a chalkboard wall. I love kitchen chalkboard walls! And if I can't have a whole wall devoted to chalkboard I at least incorporate a chalkboard of some sort.... come to think of it I've had some form of chalkboard in every kitchen we have lived in since we've been married, and so far that has been 4 different kitchens. 

I did a big no-no and forgot to take the token "before" shot. Actually I thought I already had one, but to my dismay I never took a photo of the wall as is. Just picture a greige wall with a white chair rail and a doorway in the center.

There are lots of good tutorials and chalkboard paint recipes on Pinterest. I really like this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess. But I always make sure I use an oil-based paint. I used Rust-oleum brand but I'm sure any oil based paint works just fine. The oil-based paint really adhere's to the surface of whatever you are painting and stands up to wiping with wet paper towels and sponges much better than water based paint.

Another tip if you make your own chalkboard or chalkboard wall... Never skip the "seasoning" step at the end where you are instructed to cover the whole area with chalk and then rub it around. if you don't whatever you write on your chalkboard will be REALLY hard to get off.

Originally I had planned to only paint the top half of the wall, but after I painted, the chair rail just really bugged me ALOT! I liken it to putting a really thick belt on a short-waisted person, it just made the room feel squished and short.

I pulled all of the chair rail off only to reveal about three layers of wallpaper underneath. I soaked and scraped off the wallpaper. The wall I was painting on isn't even drywall! It's paneling that has been spackled in the grooves to make it smooth. I didn't know that before I peeled the wallpaper off. It wasn't a big deal, I just touched up any spackle that was damaged or missing and then continued my chalkboard paint.

I really like the contrast the black chalkboard wall gives to the space, it makes the bright colors of my framed seed catalogs and our ceramic pig, Henry really POP.

I have to say, I'm so proud of my new chalkboard wall. For being such a quick project it sure has a dramatic result.


  1. This is soo cute! We live in base housing which makes it impossible to paint with chalkboard paint! :) I forget to take before photos all the time! Great job!

    Emily @ house and hone

  2. Looks great! Love the little pig with chalk wreath around him! I have a little cow just like that! I think I might have to paint a chalkboard wall in my kitchen now!


    1. Thanks Emily & Tania! I couldn't live without my chalkboard! And the piggy is just plain fun!

  3. I love the way it looks! I found your blog via that DIY Party and as many chalkboard tips that I've read I've never read to use oil based paint! Such a great tip :) Thanks so much.
    - Lora @ Craftivity Designs