Friday, August 23, 2013

Bathroom Reno {Part 3, Concerning Plank Walls and Bathroom Sinks}.

Let me take you back to what our bathroom looked like before I ever touched it.

and after a few weeks of demo, the right hand wall looked like this...

Goodbye medicine cabinet!!!
Hello nasty sink!

Clearly it needs some help. 
I always knew which sink I wanted. The Lillangen sink from Ikea.

We bought up our dream sink for a good 70$ (We didn't need the wall brackets that were included into the price in the photo)

I found a great table at a local antique store that our sink would fit on beautifully. The table even has a place for my Hubby to keep his bathroom magazines ;)
I took the drawer out while I cut holes in the top for the drain pipe and water lines to run though; that's why it isn't pictured.

Now, before I show you any "after" pictures I need to show you what I have been inspired by lately.......

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Source: Houzz

I love how beautifully beachy they look. I've been pinning them like crazy on Pinterest lately.
I plan on decorating our bedroom/bathroom area with a coastal feel and these plank walls would be perfect!

I decided to start on a plank wall of my own. I read a few blogs in which people chronicled their own planking journeys and it really seemed fairly simple. I picked out a few 4x8 sheets of plywood veneer/underlayment/luan, whatever you may call it and had the sales person cut the boards into 6 inch wide strips. 
Every tutorial and blog I read about planking, the plankers used a nail gun to attach their boards to the wall. I do not own a nail gun and don't have a need to invest in a nail gun and air compressor at the moment so I decided that liquid nail and finishing nails were good enough for me. I was able to glue and nail my boards up quite easily all by myself. I made sure to vary the lengths of the boards, making sure the seams did not line up vertically.
(note the new light fixture too)

I primed and then painted the boards a Valspar color called Totten's Landing. It is such a pretty soft white. But then I had a grand realization that it was too warm. I needed a grayer, cooler white for the space. I also came to the conclusion that I wasn't wild about the light in this space.
A few things about the light. 
It's an Allan + Roth from Lowes, it was on sale for $19.99 and it's pretty cool. But I'm not wild about the Edison light bulb. it casts a YELLOW glow, a REALLY YELLOW glow. Not cute. I could replace the Edison bulb with a regular bulb, but I think that the globe around the bulb hangs down much to far. The fixture is really just too large for the space. So I decided this fixture could be used somewhere else, but not here.

Here is the new paint color up on the walls along with the sink and faucet in place.

The wall color is Valspar, Comet Dust. It's a really beautiful barely gray, white. The gray will flow quite nicely into the carrera marble tiles we have picked out for the shower.
The faucet is an Ebay find. ( There are TONS of international retailers who use Ebay as a means to sell their products and always have faucets and such available at a really reasonable price.)

I am IN LOVE with this sink, it gives so much space horizontally, for not taking up more than 10 inches in depth. it also mimics the shape of the room which really works in the space and almost makes the room feel larger.

The Floating shelves are Threshold brand from Target.
Our light fixture is from Lowes. It's actually from the outdoor lighting section. Portfolio Outdoor Wall Lantern. The knob right under the light fixture goes to a mirror that is not pictured yet, for the sake of suspense ;)

There will hopefully be more up soon, things are really moving along over here!

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  1. LOVE this!! Just discovered your blog from the link party palooza and apparently we have very similar taste. Our half bath (which can be found on my blog) is pretty similar to this including the same sink as yours! And I am working on a post about our full bath that we also did plank walls on! Sorry to go on and on, I just think that we might possibly be soul sisters ;) I'll try to keep my comments to a minimum now!!

    1. Your comments are WONDERFUL! I just went on over to your blog, SOOOOO CUTE! And Yes, I'd have to agree we do have similar taste! I'm totally loving your half bath and your craft room... so jealous of that craft room ;)

  2. OOOOO So gorgeous! I love the plank walls too! And that sink looks FAN TAST IC! I can't wait to see the finished product! :) Looks awesome Holly!

    Emily @ House and Hone

    1. Thanks Emily! Me too, I have to get myself motivated to finish..... lots of coffee would help I think :)

  3. BAM!!!! Did you hear that one flyin outta da park? lol This is Fabulous!!!What a great before and After!following you stop over sometime:)

    1. Thanks Deidre! I'll be stopping in over at your blog :)