Saturday, August 10, 2013

An Open Door Policy.

You might remember this hallway from our "Big Announcement" post.

This is our downstairs hallway.
The room straight ahead is a bedroom, the door on the left leads to the dining room, the right, directly across from it is a bathroom. The white door on the right is a closet and the doorway I'm standing in is an entrance to a formal living room/ extra guest room.
So count them up people that's 5 doors! Not doorways, DOORS! Enjoy these two embarrassing photos of the hallway. This one, directly below is looking in from the dining room (the reason the door is backward is because I had already removed it, I leaned it up and snapped a pic for the blogs sake).

I needed to diagnose what the problems were in this hallway and then fix them. 
1. problematic number of doors.  
Taking down the door to the dining room and the door to the formal living room would really open up the hallway and give it some flow.
2. Ugly wood trim.
I'm not fan of wood trim, I'm just not and I make no apologies. I think we can all agree that this wood trim along with the doors made our hallway feel closed in and scary. I knew that I needed to paint it all a crisp white, and then it would all match the random white closet door as well. 
3. The wall color itself. 
The wall color in the hall was way different than any color in the rest of the house. these pictures don't do it justice. The dining/living area is a really beautiful greige and the hallway was a sicky yellowish pinkish white, not cute! 
4. The "boob" light.....
it looks like boob, look at it! It just needed to go.

So I took down all the doors, spackled, sanded, spackled some more, sanded some more and then they were perfect and ready for paint.

There is my crisp white trim and my new wall color. It's a dark taupe-y color. It looks really nice, especially from standing in the dining room contrasting against the lighter greige wall.
There are no words except PERFECT. 

Here is the update from the first picture's vantage point, looks great huh? 
I can't wait to get some pictures and things up on the wall.
There is one more detail that didn't make the final shot.

The closet door had this....charming door knob that we all disliked very much. 

I simply replaced it with one from a discarded door and now all of the door knobs match.

Hope you enjoyed our hallway update :)

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  1. It is amazing to me what a little spackle, paint, and elbow grease can do to transform a project! You have a great eye Holly!

    emily @ house and Hone