Saturday, September 14, 2013

Living Room Updates & Turning a Flush Mount fixture into a Pendant.

We are lucky to have two decent sized living-room-ish spaces on the first floor of our home. One of them serves as our everyday living space and is adjacent to our dining room and the second is separated from the first with french doors. So it's a quieter little space and is really bright and lovely in the day time. 
I'm currently in the process of painting all the trim in that room white, french doors OY VEY! One of my biggest issues as a decorator is that when I have a really good space, or a really neat vignette in a room I totally blank. I hit a wall and it really takes me a while to top the greatness and put together the rest of the room. Give me a problem room, and I have a plan! Give me a bright sunny perfect sized space with great accessories and I fall apart and it takes me a whole month to put it together. 

So this is where I am. This cute dusty sage distressed book case with a white lamp, gold mirror and terrariums. Creating vignettes is kind of difficult for me. It really takes a while, I have to switch things around about five times, look at it for about ten minutes, move something to the left a smidge and then I'm in the sweet spot.

But now as I gather myself and try to figure out how exactly I plan on pulling the rest of the room together I knew that our drab little light fixture needed an update.

As always I'm the queen of NOT getting the initial "Before" shot in here. So pretend with me, this is a generic flush mount light. I call them boob lights you can see the exact model in this post from our hallway. I took down our sad little light and gave him a new paint job.

After he was all painted up and matched my ceiling, I rehung this fella and used a few washers and nut to hang the pendant on the threaded tube from the original fixture.

I layered two washers to make sure the pendant couldn't slip off the threaded tube.

And Voila my sweet new pendant. It's from Urban Outfitters and I'm so glad I bought it when I did! I planned on linking it to my post however they are sold out and the shades are no longer available. 
Looks like I bought just in time!

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