Tuesday, February 7, 2012

eBay Made Easy

The early spring is the best time to get rid of stuff that I don't need/want anymore. For me the extra weight is clothes. I buy a lot of clothes, especially during a sale. When I was in college I lived near a J. Crew factory warehouse, every month there was a warehouse sale and everything was cheap cheap cheap. They would give you a trash bag and a price list, you would wait in line to get into the warehouse and it seriously could take up to an hour. The wait was totally worth it! Pants and dresses priced at 10$ and shirts at 5$ and wedding dresses 50$. There weren't any dressing rooms so sometimes I would get a few items that were too big, too small but most of the time I was very happy with my purchases and got to enjoy them so much!
So, what do I do with the items that don't fit or I've worn for a while but I want something new? They get sold! Especially now while my tummy is getting bigger I won't be able to wear any of my shirts from last spring and summer, so what better time to trade them in for something new? There are now lots of ways to sell clothes you don't want anymore... Plato's closet, eBay, craigslist, but the one you should pick really depends one what you're trying to sell and how much are you looking to get for it?
Plato's Closet: Plato's is a thrift store that will buy your gently used clothing and accessories and they resale them. Plato's is great for your regular mall brand stores like American Eagle, Gap, Aeropostale etc. These are brands that exist in most malls and are less expensive, you wouldn't get as much money back on your sale if you tried to sell on eBay.
Craigslist: Personally I've never sold anything on craigslist, but I've bought plenty! I only have experience buying furniture and baby gear items from craigslist. Craigslist is great for these larger items which really seem to be the most popular items to buy and sell on Craigslist because the sale is localized and you wouldn't ever have to pay shipping.
eBay: I have made so much money in the past selling clothing on eBay. People sell all kinds of items on eBay but I think the bigger items are doing better on Craigslist because the seller won't have to front money for shipping and sellers won't be deterred by a high shipping price.
The secret to my success: I have a few rules to selling on eBay that I like to stick to.
1. If I'm going to sell an item on eBay, I make sure it is a more expensive brand. People who are looking to buy on eBay are looking for high-end products that don't look worn for a less expensive price-tag.
2. Your item pictures need to be classy. When you take the pictures it should be in a clean well lit area. I usually try to hang the clothing on a nice wooden hanger on a clear tack or a small nail against a plain wall. This gives a buyer a really good sense of what the item looks like and it looks a lot more professional and that definitely appeals to people.
3. How to price your items is really important. You really really don't want to set your starting bid of the auction too high because that will detract from interest in the item. A buyer will look at a highly priced item and say to themselves "I really like that, but it's already priced pretty high and there are 3 people 'watching' that item and if they bid on it, it will be out of my price range". Also don't low ball yourself and start at zero. The minimum I start with is 5$.
4. Advertising is key! The way you list your item will really affect your success. ALWAYS put the brand of the item and a very short description of the style and condition in the listing title. For example: J. Crew ruffle tank- NW/OT. Translation: J.Crew tank with ruffles, new without tags.
This really tells people the most about your item without the title being long or looking cluttered. You should put up at least one picture. I usually do just one if the item has the same front an back however if there is an interesting sleeve detail or special design on the back pockets of jeans having another picture showcase those features is important. The description is really where you need to draw the buyer in, here you should tell about the item, if you never wore it or if it is a little more gently loved. You should talk about the material, is it breathable? Does it keep you warm? And lastly give suggestions about what to pair the item with. Sometimes people will pass over an item because they don't know if it is really their style or if they have anything to wear it with, this is where you can inspire them and convince them that they cannot live without the item.
5. Shipping can be a challenge but don't make it any harder than it has to be. My favorite way to ship is the good 'ol postal service. For shirts thinner sweaters and mini skirts I usually just get a padded 2$ envelope from Walmart and if the item is light you shouldn't have to pay anything for shipping. For other items I pick up the flat rate envelope from the post office and ship in that. As far as charging for shipping I think about what I'm sending. If I'm going to be sending a tank I'll go for the padded envelope and charge around 5$ shipping which generally will be around 3$ in profit from shipping alone. If I'm going to be sending a little bit heavier of an item I stick with the flat rate envelope and charge a 10$ shipping fee which usually brings in a 5$ profit.
I hope all these eBay sales tips were helpful!

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