Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Moving Up and Moving On

Alex and I plus baby and our two little critters be moving out of our current dwelling in exactly 19 days. And let me tell you I AM SO EXCITED! The move is going to be a challenge with the distance alone, one of our challenges has been finding a home. We want to rent because with the military you never know how long you may be some where. We've seen some contenders online and we will have to make a decision before we move but I have my eye on a cute little historical home (emailed them and they told me that I could paint if I want to). We have a town home that we've paid half of a deposit on and if the cute house doesn't work out the town home will be our fall-back, but we should know something by the end of the week. The Rest of this post I wrote about a week ago but we've been so busy and with our current lack of Internet it makes it incredibly hard to stay on top of these blog updates, but I hope you enjoy.....
All that in mind since we are ending our lease early we must pay two months of rent while we are in Kansas which would not be ideal. Yesterday I used the day as a relaxation time. I started cleaning up around 4pm and I hadn't even showered or put decent clothes on for the day when my husband called me and asked if the on-site realtor for our building could show our apartment to a potential renter and if it went well we may not have to pay the two months rent. I was not in any shape to be seen by ANYONE and the apartment looked like it had exploded. The realtor and prospect agreed to come back tomorrow.
I then spent a good chunk of my evening and all of my morning feverishly cleaning our little home. This really wasn't that much of a burden though, our apartment is getting packed up gradually and we've been cleaning but having early clean-freak deadlines is really nice because it gives me a goal to shoot for.
Now that my house is virtually spotless I couldn't help but take some pictures of my favorite places in my home that I'm really going to miss.
Our dining table!
It looks so beautiful next to our exposed brick wall and our huge windows that let in so much light all day long! Our windows are so awesome and let in so much daylight, and our brick wall is something that I don't know if we'll ever get to have in our home again but I love it so much and it adds so much interest to our home.

Our adorable bathroom!
Our bathroom is beyond perfect, it has wonderful granite counter tops and great tile. We added the glass shelf above the towel rack as well as the picture frame on the mirror. It definitely added some class to a plain wall mirror.

Our family wall!
I worked on gathering personal stuff for this wall. Our engagement story from the paper, coral from our honeymoon in Hawaii, a cross my best friend's parents bought for us and lots of pictures from our wedding and dating days. I love it! It's a good representation of us.

I can't forget about our church pew! 
This is probably the most random item in our home and everyone comments on it and asks where on earth we got it. Answer: creepy abandoned church. I love it though and it is just the right length for our super long entry hallway (ignore our moving boxes stacked at the end).      

The view from the pew!
If you were to sit on the pew this is what you would see. 
The wooden artwork is a really pretty addition to the back wall, which I think adds a lot of color to an otherwise very plain hallway. 

We just received word today that the potential renter for our apartment has decided to rent it!!! Yay! we are so excited because this means we only have to pay rent covering till the day we move out. Also, when he came to look at our apartment he noticed some wall shelves that Alex and I built when we first moved in out of pretty iron brackets and re-purposed wood from some of the historical buildings in the area and offered us 50$ if he decided to rent. He's coming by with a check tomorrow! We are really excited that we don't have to go through the trouble of taking the shelves down and that we are making our money back on them! Now we just need to keep our fingers crossed that we will get the house that we want in Kansas!

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