Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Craigslist Can Save Your Life.

About a year ago on a walk through Target I stopped in the baby section, just to look at the cute stuff that always seems to reside in that area of the store was when I saw the coolest red, grey and black travel collection from Chicco.
This is the Holy Grail of Strollers.... 

And this is one cool playard

I'm really into the colors of our baby's travel gear being versatile in a few ways. I wanted colors that could be used for boy or girl and I also wanted colors that would look great in a vehicle. My husband has a white truck with black interior and I drive a black car, I wanted gear that wouldn't clash with our cars because let's get real, style IS important.
This is our new playard!
    It's really important that above all else our baby gear is so so safe. The Chicco brand is known for being a top safety rated brand (rating for Chicco Keyfit car seat http://products.howstuffworks.com/chicco-keyfit-30-infant-car-seat-review.htm) and unfortunately very pricey. However my frugal side kicked in and I paid a visit to my dear Craigslist app. As luck would have it, I found myself a wonderful find! A Chicco Lullaby LX playard in Fuego(the great red color scheme I like). The seller was really great and sent me all kinds of detailed photos of the playard, they said that the playard had only been used a couple of times and looking at it in person I don't believe that, this puppy looks brand-spanking-new! It came with every original part, the adjustable height mattress, optional zip on changing table, carrying case, nightlight with sound and light remote and WHEELS so it is very portable. I am just ecstatic about this playard and especially that it only cost me $100!

I really couldn't ask for much more, now that I have the first piece to the travel system puzzle I can start acquiring all my other pieces!
P.S. We let our sweet puppy Chewie try it out for a bit, and he approved as well ;)

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