Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Makeover Campaign

Not too terribly long enough I posted here talking about my dining room plans.
Well, I just wanted to give y'all a little update on those projects...
As you can see my dining chair has been painted black and re-upholstered...trust me, the other ones have been painted and upholstered too, I just snapped a picture of this one real fast. And you may have seen this little campaign dresser here. Well, I've given him a maker and boy does he look good!
I scored the chair pillow at target for 5$ on clearance, it was totally spectacular that it matches my chairs exactly! I also dug out some books that match my color scheme. The only color I don't have is pink......I know I would have thought that ME of anyone in this world would have a pink book!! I have in mind that I will replace the candle with some kind of little doo-dad in pink and gold. As Grayson grows our low-flying candles are going to have to find new homes to protect his little fingers, so I don't want a pink candle holder there. I also need something rather resilient so when our boy or other kids pick it up and throw it across the room it won't shatter in 50,000,000 pieces.  
Here are a few options....

Both cute but both not exactly what I want....I did however see a huge novelty key at a local store sooooo that may be making an appearance.

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