Friday, November 2, 2012

Requiem For a Junk Room

I'm sorry, I seem to have been hacked by polyvore.....
So I got on blogger today to write this post and to my surprise like ten posts have been made, supposedly by me, but totally not by me!!! Some of them were items from my polyvore and one was a diy I've never seen before! My only guess it that polyvore somehow hacked my blogger and was able to post on my behalf, which I absolutely denied it the privilege of when I signed up. Grrrr. anyway enough ranting.

Death to the junk room..

This is a picture of our guest/craft/music room. Fabulous, no?
Really right now it is none of those things though, it's a disgusting pit. And you may say, "I can't believe she put a picture of that pigsty on the internet!" Well, here are two reasons, now that everyone has seen this nasty room I won't have to apologize to each individual person who comes over. Secondly, motivation!
We will be having Thanksgiving guests, which will be so fabulous but that means I need to get it in gear and go to work on this room! 
with the exception of the blog hacking incident I have loved polyvore for it's awesomeness in allowing me to create fabulous room inspiration boards. 
Here's my guest room board.

guest room

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