Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Glimpse of Christmas...

It is the middle of January and I have yet to post anything regarding our christmas holiday in the east. This is mostly because ever since the day we returned we've just GOING non-stop!
We have tons of pictures and memories to share from our travels but I just wanted to share a few pictures today of our trek in D.C.

I have to be honest, walking around this city did not feel the same as it once did. It once held such a sense of importance for me. I felt as if it was a place that safe guarded my rights as an American citizen, and since I was so close to D.C. and tried to frequent it as much as I could in the last few years I lived in D.C., I felt that somehow made me important too. Now looking at these beautiful, regal buildings all I could think about are those freedoms and the individuals doing everything they can to tear our constitution apart. Although my heart was saddened by these thoughts, I did what I could to block out those feelings and absorbed all the Christmas decorations with my boys :)

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