Monday, January 28, 2013

A Little Bit About Life.

It finally happened.
I finally reached the day where there were no clean cloth diapers.
So, this morning as I gathered up my child and went to Bible study I neglected to hang any cloth diapers out to dry..... you know where this is going don't you...

Well, lucky lucky me, my boy had a poop-splosion on our way home. As I ran around frantically gathering up any cloth diaper parts I could I thought to myself that this was a very dumb situation to find myself in. However, I found two diaper inserts so really how bad could it be.

Most well-meaning people who read this would probably try to give me some sweet advice like "you should keep disposables around for emergencies" to which I would scoff and think "If I wanted to buy disposables I wouldn't be using cloth diapers"....
But people the kid is 7 months old in two days and this has only happened once, so I'll take my chances.

By now you're probably wondering what I did....well I'll tell you.
I went through my drawers to find some panties with the most coverage, stuck the diaper inserts in them and knotted the panties on each side to hold them on. 
This is Life. 

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