Monday, January 28, 2013

Playing Dress-Up in the Kitchen

The kitchen in our rental home was one of the most enticing attributes when we were looking at the house. Everything about the kitchen was pretty fabulous. I loved that everything was white and clean looking. I especially loved the large windows!
But OH, the mini-blinds. I don't love mini-blinds. However the rental market is severely lacking listings boasting of plantation blinds ;) 
And I'm very capable of making the most of it. 

I recently added
faux roman shades, curtains and a folding table with a faux linen skirt. The counter/folding table between the refrigerator and dryer was not present when we moved in. So, to remedy our little awkward space we added the extra countertop and it gives our kitchen so much more OOMMF.

What do I mean by faux roman shades? I mean they don't work, they are not functional. I just wanted them to appear to be roman shades. They hide our drawn up mini-blinds which, I love. I also added hand painted curtains to either side of the window, however I think they are just there for the mean time. I really want to use teal as the accent color in the kitchen and these are a little TOO green for me.

As for the folding table skirt, by faux linen I mean $10 drop cloth from Lowes. I used the same one to make the roman shade.
(Did I mention I was cheap??)

         Eventually I want to add some little square white pots for my herbs, right now their black plastic containers aren't cutting it. My Mom "says" she got her cute ceramic square pots at Walmart, however I can't find them anywhere. Not even online. I've google "square white flower pots" in many different orders and can't anything even remotely similar.... needless to say I'm not sure I believe her :) So, If you see any...tell me where they are so I can buy like 20 of them!

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