Monday, September 10, 2012

A Little More September...

It's starting to feel more like Fall every day!
I absolutely love it!!!
My posts have been kind of sparse lately but that's only because I've been working on about a million and one different projects that will soon become posts when I finish them.
However I whipped up a quick little project yesterday that was just lighting my autumn love flame.

I had actually made the wreath after I saw a similar one for around 50$ on Etsy last christmas and I was super smart to take pictures of the project through out that I can share with you guys. That was you can get your own burlap wreath for 15$ instead of 50 ;)

All of my supplies we purchased at michael's but you can find these at just about any craft store.
All I needed was a foam wreath form
2 burlap garlands

I did this project when we lived in an apartment and our lovely cat believed it was necessary to always be up in my business. He's cute, so I didn't mind...too much.
All you need to do is wrap the burlap around the wreath form to cover all the foam and hot-glue as needed to hold it in place.

Now this part requires a tiny bit more playing with and a fair amount of glue. 
You will just need to gather and scrunch your burlap to create little puffs or folds and glue it to hold the puffs in place.
I went around the wreath with the puffs twice, doing and inner ring and an outer ring of puffs. and ended up with.....

The "T" and bow in the first picture I added yesterday. 
I fastened them on with fishing line which is great because unlike wire, it's clear and unlike glue it's removable. That way I can add/take away decorations as I choose and I could even use this into Christmas time and change the whole theme of the wreath.

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