Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Transitional Wardrobe

Fall is here and a chill is in the air...... At least in the morning it is. Which means I've started dressing in layers and finding pieces from my summer wardrobe that will still work for these cooler mornings.
Lately I've been seeing these cute striped skirts around Pinterest and I'm totally digging them. I have a mid-calf length dress from when Grayson was still in the oven that I turned into a super cute long fall skirt. I hope you guys don't mind me sharing!
 The dress came from Ebay. This will probably sound sketchy but I buy a fair amount of clothing from overseas companies on Ebay. Most of them are from china, they are all new and they all come straight from the factory, and they all come in an astonishingly small envelop.
The dress wasn't maternity so I bought it in a large to accommodate for my 8 month preggo belly but that means that now it is far too big. 
 So I used it and a t-shirt material scarf from the dollar section at Tar-Jay to construct this cute little number, and here's how I did it.
 First I turned the dress inside out and cut my dress right below the arm holes. I held the dress up to my body to decipher where I'd need to cut in order to have the dress touch the floor if it hung around my waist.
 I also cut my scarf down the middle, lengthwise. One side will serve as the waist band and the other side will become ties for the waistband.
 The "waistband" half of the scarf then gets cut in half vertically. And both of those pieces get folded in half lengthwise. Then they are to be pinned to the raw edge of the dress, one on the front and one on the back. The raw edges of the waist band should be pinned to the raw edges of the dress.
 The other half of the scarf that is to be made into the ties will then need to be cut vertically and both pieces will then be folded lengthwise. You will then pin along the long raw edge and continue up ONE side only. 
 Do the same with the other half and then turn right side out.
 Now, take the un-sewn side of the tie and sandwich it between the front and back waistband pieces, with the finished edges of the tie going toward the center of the dress. Repeat on the other side. Pin both sides. Sew both edges of the waistband. Then sew around the skirt and waistband to attach it to the skirt. Remove the pins and turn right side out.
Look how cute your skirt is!!
It can be tied three different ways too! Allow me to model for you....
 Tied in the front/side.
 Tied in the back.
 Wrapped behind and tied in the front.
I hope you enjoy your lovely transitional wardrobe piece.

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