Friday, September 21, 2012

King of His Own Castle.

What can I say.....I'm loving decorating this little boy's nursery!
It's pretty much perfect for him in every way.
I started decorating in one corner and I'm working my way around the room wall by wall so this will be one of many room updates. BUUUUUT I had to share this adorable little tent canopy I made last night.
For those of you who haven't heard this sweet little blanket draped over the side of Carrot's crib was the first thing I ever bought the boy, before I even knew he was a boy!
It's very whimsical and I love that.
I'm hoping that I can make his room just as peaceful and sweet as the enchanted little woodland on his snugglie blanket.
His bed is so cute and I love the classic design of his crib. I made his bedskirt from coordinating fabric in the same line that his blanket is made from and his bed sheets are all natural organic fibers ( not that I have an opinion on this, they just matched his blanket the best ;) ). I realized that his bed, no matter how cute was missing ....something. Well if you follow me at all on Pintrest you may have caught me pinning all sorts of crib canopies, and like always I think to myself "Hey I can do that!"
The canopies are so adorable they remind me of the tents of the king in the Robin Hood movie. Carrot's sheets kind of resemble muslin so that is what I used to make his canopy and pennants which is great because it's cheap and I can get it at Walmart. 
I think I really nailed what was missing and my sweet boy has a royally adorable crib.
Stay tuned, more updates to follow :)

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