Friday, September 28, 2012

Yeah, I went there...

I did it!
"Did what", you may ask.....
I opened up an etsy shop for my wooden signs!
After making a few in the last couple months.....
You might remember this little beauty from my Iowa post...
And this guy from a more recent post....
 And this one, (he never officially made it on the blog)
but after making these and receiving requests from family and friends for their own signs...and a whole headboard for Ally. I've been thinking that maybe I have a knack for this and decided to open shop and give it a try.
This is how you can find me!
Right over there on he sidebar.
Even if this thing proves to be a total failure at least  I learned how to make a "clickable button" and link it to a website, I think that is success in itself.
If you visit my shop don't judge me too harshly just yet..
I've only got two items up so far and the pictures aren't very good but it's late people and I'm tired.
I'll be working on all the little details like pictures an descriptions in the coming week.....
alright that's the end of my etsy shop disclamer.
Good Night.

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