Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eye See.

A little project Eye have been working on..
Okay that was bad, but bear with me...
I wanted to make a sign that was a little different than the usual. And just like these others this will be added as a customizable sign over at my Etsy shop within the hour.
I wanted to make something a little unique and fun and I think this may have been just what my gallery wall needed.
The sign reads:
Tompkins <3
Est: July 30 2011
Staf. VA.
For anyone who can't read the sign due to the font size or the funky slant and filter of the camera (these are silly little interesting things I do to distract from the bad picture quality, however it probably doesn't help).
So look for this over at Type&Form, also exciting upcoming news regarding T&F. 
Stay tuned.

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