Friday, October 26, 2012

Hi, I'm Holly and I Have a Candle Addiction.

So here's my issue, and tell me if I'm alone in this.....
I love for my house to smell good, which is hard sometimes; I live with all boys. Even the animals are boys, but even though I am way out-numbered in my own home I feel like it should not exude that weird corn-chippy smell that boys seem to carry with them. (Disclaimer: my husband does not smell rank, don't get me wrong, however his shoes and p.t. gear does and that's fine. I just don't like those smells to over power my house.) 
So I do my best to clean regularly, keep the stinky things washed and all but I really just like there to be a pleasant, festive smell on the breeze and it really makes me feel good to have some candles burning in the house. BUT, since I am such a sucker for candles AND I'm a little bit of a bargain hunter it kills me when there is an inch left in the candle jar that won't burn due to a lack of wick. That seriously wrecks my moment, it usually means that I get kind of smug toward all candles and I say something like "curse you bath & body works, see if I buy any more of your delicious smelling candles when you bombard my email inbox with your 2 for 20$ coupons!" But don't you know the next time I'm at the store I'm buying another candle....And so goes my vicious candle love/hate relationship. 
Weeeeeeeeeell, I have come up with a brilliant solution and it is seriously so obvious that I can't believe it just hit me. I'm so sure someone has probably come up with the same idea and just forgot to tell me.....or maybe the candle companies had them silenced...whichever you choose to believe. 
Here's how it works,
you just need all your fabulous smelling candles that won't burn anymore but have some wax life left in them, you probably want to use the ones that smell similar. For instance when I took the pictures for this DIY the candle I used were,
Vanilla cinnamon brulee
French vanilla
Hazelnut cream
Vanillla cream
Spiced cider
So I had this like fall foody and drink thing going on.
You will need to put a few or one of the glass candle holders in a sauce pan or skillet at a time, pour a little water in the skillet (enough to come up past the wax remaining in the candle holder).
Boil the water, the wax will melt.
choose which jar you will pour the wax into. I chose one of my candles that had burned out and that meant I didn't even have to melt down the wax for that one.
Pour the melted wax into your chose candle jar. If you pour them one at a time and wait for the previous layer to cool you get a neat little layer candle. You can help the cooling process along by blowing gently on the wax, that will cool the surface and you can then pour on your next layer. 
When you have added as many layers as you want you are done!
 To use this little wick-less candle use a candle warmer to release the scent into the air. If you don't have a candle warmer you can totally use the warmer plate on your coffeepot, works just as well :)

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  1. I LOVE this idea! I'm gonna round up my stubbies and give it a try!