Monday, October 15, 2012

Inspired Accessorizing


     I would say that I strive for our living room to be a mix between modern urban utilitarianism and vintage rustic prairie. Wether we are actually achieving that vibe is      subject but you should know that was the initial intent.

Our living areais mostly furnished, really what we are missing are the strategically styled pieces and accessories that will make the room feel complete. So, once again like our dining room inspiration board I have created a visual shopping list of accents that I think will bring personality to our living area.

Living Room Accents
Today I was excited to find mounted deer antlers! Using the cow skull as inspiration I 
found some silver spray paint and went to town. I think they turned out pretty spectacular, it cost me 20$ for some jazzy antlers wich is about 150$ less than the cow skull, so uh, yeah I'm happy :)

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