Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Dining Room

  My dining room inspiration board.

My Dining Room

My Dining Room by holly-claire-tompkins on Polyvore

Am I alone here or does anyone else get shoppers adrenaline? 
I'm so serious, I can have so many ideas about the items that I need to buy but as soon as I step foot in those stores, see those sale signs and smell that "new" smell I'm lost in a daze of pretty, shiny, sparkly and funky.

                    My adrenaline kicks in and I start running from shelves to racks and I end up with a cart full of items I never had intended to acquire and I have very little recollection of it.....and this is how most of my "stuff" shopping trips can turn out if I'm not careful so I've devised this lovely little inspiration board to help me reign in my shopping craze.
              I made my board on Polyvore which is kind of cool because on the Polyvore site I can see where all of the items come from, however this does not mean that I will buy any of these items specifically. Most of these items are for inspiration alone, and cost more than I would spend on the entire room makeover put together. I guess you could say that I have wine taste on a beer budget....a very cheep beer "dollar beer night" budget.

All joking aside though, I think I can make this work.
I already have a few of these items on hand...
The whole room design is based on the china in the lower right hand corner, Alex's Grandmother gave it to me and I absolutely love it! It totally gave me a good excuse to use pink in our house!!
The chairs in the upper right hand corner are extremely similar to the dining set we have. I'm in the process of painting our dining set black ( I'll have to let you know how that goes in another post) and reupholstering the chair cushions grey with silver nailhead trim.
We already own a square version of the black mirror pictured, And we have a campaign dresser that will only need a coat of white paint. 
Hopefully I'll have some good updates soon on how our room makeover is coming along.

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